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Digital revitalisation

Time just races by doesn’t it and whether it be a deliberate thing or something more organic, businesses and organisations evolve to a point that how your brand represented your business in the past no longer matches where it is now.

The situation
In 3D Industrial’s case, their website heavily featured the workshop they operated out of until 2017. Since then, they have moved to a much larger, more modern workshop with additional equipment (e.g. gantry & cranes) and more CNC tech.

We knew that now 3D was in their new workshop, the website didn’t portray the business as well as it could but we rolled with what we had for a few years (after all, the actual products and services were the same).  There came a point when the website needed to change to show the full extent of 3D’s design & manufacturing capabilities and that 3D was a fun, vibrant place to work.

What we did
The framework of the website was able to stay the same we just needed to revitalize what we already had. Some of the backgrounds were swapped around and we commissioned and loaded additional, new photography thanks to Graeme Murray.

We also took the opportunity to revisit the written content and found we were able to add ‘more meat to the bones’ this time around. I don’t know if it was Shout or the business or both but in the 5 or so years since the website first went live, our understanding of what 3D offered, particularly in the custom workshop space, had really evolved. We were able to be much more descriptive about what 3D can offer and be really certain about some of the language we wanted to use.  We also had lots of new commissions we could load onto the Projects page to show the full range of work 3D is capable of.

The outcome
All this refreshed content should improve search engine optimisation by getting closer what prospective clients might be searching for and connect better with visitors to the site once they’re there. Now the changes are live, we will start refreshing 3D’s social media pages as well so they align with the website.

Take a look
To see the revitalised website for yourself click here.

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