A lifestyle like no other

Getting to redevelop the GoPhysio website was a real highlight as we had created the dynamic new branding earlier and this was our first chance to bring it to life. We had a number of objectives including a) making physio approachable b) demonstrating the philosophy of keeping moving and c) attracting physiotherapists to Rotorua.

As it should be, the photography is the hero of the website and Graeme Murray was the perfect man for the job. GoPhysio staff were the talent showcasing everyday things like running, biking and walking the dogs, playing a round of golf and getting out to enjoy coffee with friends. Nothing extreme, just things the reflect the GoPhysio mantra that “Life is too short to stop moving and doing what you love”. The content follows a similar tone.

The website launched in the nick of time and we were able to easily update the WordPress site with Covid-19 protocols including telehealth options and additional hygiene practices. Updates have continued to be made as we move in and out of different alert levels.

Project Tasks

 Website including copywriting
 Photography & video

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