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Isn’t the world wide web a wonderful piece of tech in that it has enabled businesses like Lakes Chambers to essentially distribute a brochure to anyone that’s looking for a lawyer in a matter of clicks? Anytime, anywhere?

In the case of Lakes Chambers, having a website provides potential clients with privacy they need to research and connect with potential family and criminal lawyers who will guide them through highly sensitive situations. In turn, a website also allows Lakes Chambers’ barristers a way to share the work they do and the cases they have won. Other than achieving the success itself, it’s so important businesses and organisations to be able to tell people about what they have accomplished.

If you don’t share your success, you can’t expect anyone to know.

It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. The Lakes Chambers website is just 3 pages including the home page with a footer for the contact details and a page for each barrister. The barrister pages follow the same format as each other (website visitors love consistency) and we have slightly tweaked Jo’s to show her recent cases – something that is very important for her practice but less appropriate for Andrew’s.

The content can be easily updated either by Lakes Chambers themselves or via a quick email to Shout Marketing to take care of the update for them.

With beautiful photography thanks to photographer, Katie Hoy, and carefully crafted, plain English content, the resulting website is modern, professional representation of Lakes Chambers that positions the chambers as both boutique AND approachable. It is possible to be both if you are aware of the balance that needs to be achieved.

“We approached Shout to set up our website and marketing for our legal chambers.  They took care of everything including the branding, letterhead, website and have ensured we have kept it up to date.  We highly recommend Linda and Shout Marketing.”  Jo Hosking, Lakes Chambers

Click here to look for yourself. Remember it’s only 3 pages so it won’t take long.

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