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The campaign that keeps on giving

First launched in 2016, the annual ‘Share the Love’ campaign was rolled out for the 4th time in 2019. Each year the client-centric campaign has evolved but the importance of acknowledging and rewarding beauty therapists for the work they do remains the same.

The latest version of the campaign was promoted on digital platforms including Facebook and e-newsletters. To get away from the clutter at Christmas, we rolled it forward to start at the beginning of September and finish early October. This campaign promoted a series of one-day-only offers to keep clients engaged for the duration of the campaign, as well as a major overall campaign prize to round it off. A dynamic campaign like this achieved lots of things including cross-sales, product upgrades, loyalty rewards, social media engagement including reviews and referrals. For our client, the most rewarding part of the campaign was including an offer that aligned with charity, Look Good Feel Better, and making a donation at the end of the day.

Project Tasks

 Communications planning
 Social media
 E-Newsletter invitations & reminder
 Social media

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